Wish 2 SMS
Wish 2 SMS

SMS is a simple medium to express your feelings in words because sometimes you can't express so its better way to say it in a simple sms.

Fathers Day

Thank you fr being a gr8 dad 2 us ! ur memories will always live in d vry core Of my Heart<3 I miss u Daddy... Happy Fathers day..!! :)  

My strength n my frnd, I m 2day wht I hv bcum bcoz of u. Thankz, Dad..!! Happy Fathers Day..!! :)  

Happy fathers day 2 my hero n role model. Thank u fr everything u hv done fr r family. We luv u with all r heartz..!! :)  

In dis busy world, we sometimes forget to say whtz in r heartz Bt 2day seems perfect, dad, fr telling u hw much u will always mean 2 me. Thank u fr being my grtest inspiration..!! :)  

God gave me d greatest gift I ever had, God gave me d bst frnd in d form of my dad Fathers Day wishes fr a dad who iz 1 in a million..! HAPPY FATHERS DAY..!! :)  

Every mother generally hopes that her daughter will snag a better husband thn she managed to do bt she iz certain tht her boy will never get as gr8 a wife as his father did...!! HAPPY FATHERS DAY..!! :)  

I may be able to outgrow you in height one day bt I will never b able to outgrow d tall contribution u hv made in my life as a father. Happy fathers day..!! :)  

U have given me the best things in life..! Your tym, ur care and luv Happy Fathers Day!  

YoU kept me warm & safe, held my hand 2 show me d way, Supported & inspired me through ni8 & day, lOvE U in every way. Missing u on Fathers Day..!! :)  

My dear FATHER..!! I owe u the debt of lyf. Plz accept my gratitude on dis very special day. Thank u for being a great dad to us..!! :)  

D gReAtEsT gIfT I eVeR hAd CaMe FrOm gOD..!! I cAlL hIm dAD...!! :)   

HAPPY FATHERS DAY to the man who showed me d power of luv through gud n bad tyms. Thanks fr all d luv...!! :)  

The place tht u hold in my mind iz as big as d place tht u hold in my heart..!! I luv u..!! Happy Fathers Day..!! :)  

DaD, uR guiding Hand oN mY sholder WiLl reMaIn WiTh mE foReVer HaPpY FaThErS DaY..!! :)  

Wishing a special dad a Fathers day filled with all d things tht give u a warm n happy feeling n leave u with bright memories 2 luk bck through d yr Happy Fathers Day..!! :)