Wish 2 SMS
Wish 2 SMS

SMS is a simple medium to express your feelings in words because sometimes you can't express so its better way to say it in a simple sms.

Friendship Day

A friend is sweet when it is new. And it is sweeter when it is true. But you know what? It is sweetest when it is u....!! Happy Frndship Day..!!  

Forgetting Frndz iz a crime, Ignoring them is a shame, Likinh them is a pleasure, Thinking of them is a Neccesity n Disturbing them is a Fundamntal Ryt...!!! Happy Frndship Day..!!   

Thank you for touching my life in ways you may never know. My riches do not lie in material wealth, but in having friend like you - a precious gift from God...!! Happy Frndship DAy..!!  

A Perfect Friend I admit I’ll never be the perfect friend. I’ll never be there always. I may not make u smile at times but there is one thing I admit I could do. To be the person I could be for u and only u dear...!! Happy Frndship day..!!  

How long shall v b friends? Do u want a clue? As long as stars twinkle in the sky, till the water runs dry & till the day I die. We will b friends...!! Happy Frndship day..!!  

luvable no.= 143 luvable symble= ROSE luvable place =TAJMAHAL luvable day= 14 FEB luvable organ=HEART luvable frnd=its only U  

Frndship Is Nt A Game 2 Play, It Is Nt A Word 2 Say, It Dsnt Strt On March n Ends On May, It Is 2morrow, Yesterday, 2day n Everyday. Happy Frndship Day..!!! :)  

Frndship is a network tht needz: no recharg..! no roaming..! no validity..! no activation..! no signal problems..! just dnt switch off your heart..!! Happy Frndship Day..!!  

Time & distance are important between friends. When a friend is in ur heart, they remain there forever. I may be busy, but I assure u, u are always in my heart..! Happy Frndship Day..!!  

I Asked God- Why My Frndz r So Sweet & So Kind Hearted, So loving.. God Said- Yeh Sangat Ka Asar Hai, Jaisi Tum Waise Tumhare Dost..!! Happy Frndship Day..!!  

A Simple Frnd Thinks d Friendship Ovr When u Hv An Argument. A Real Frnd Knows Tht Itz Nt A Frndship Until After u_ve Had A Fight. Happy Frndship Day...!  

Frndship is a priceless gift, Tht cannot be bought or sold. But itz value is far greater, Thn a mountain of gold....!! Happy Frndship Day..!!  

50 yrs frm nw, I-d b so old I might foget u. I might nt remember ever knowing u, or might foget I once cared for u. I might.. bt I wnt...!! Happy Frndship Day..!!  

Friends may not meet Friends may scatter But if hearts are loyal Distance nvr mttr..!!  

Each Frnd Represents A World In Us, A World Possibly Nt Born Until Thy Arrive, n It Iz Only By dis Meeting Tht A New World Is Born. Happy Frndship Day..!!